What Is Sugaring?

Sugaring is an all natural alternative to traditional style hot waxing. Sugar paste is made up of only sugar, water, and lemon. It’s applied to the area “against the grain” and then flicked off in the same direction of the hairs natural growth. While warm enough to spread across the skin, the sugar is never hot enough to burn you, therefore it’s exfoliating of any dead skin cells but cannot adhere to or lift your live skin cells. This also makes it safe to pass over the same area more than once without the risk of tearing or damaging your skin in the process, so we never miss a hair! Additionally, removing the hair in the direction of growth guarantees a clean extraction of the root and less chance of breakage than traditional hot waxing, giving you smoother & longer lasting results. It’s free of parabens and chemicals, and eliminates a lot of waste as we don’t need to use sticks, strips, or cloth in the process. Sugaring is perfect for sensitive skin, all skin types, all hair types, and all body shapes and sizes!